AUBURN, Mass. - A thrift store celebrated its grand opening in Auburn Saturday.

While they're offering affordable clothes to the public, they're also giving back to a cause important to them.

Twice as Nice on Southbridge Street is raising money to benefit the 'For One Child Foundation.' The nonprofit works to provide comfortable learning environments for kids in Jamaica's rural and remote schools by providing basic items like desks, chairs and books for the students. The store in auburn sells clothes, shoes and small household items.

Everything in the store is donated. It was founded by Racquel Knight, who was born in Jamaica and has first-hand experience about what it was like going to school there. The idea started when she was a student at Becker College. Knight and fundraising director Faith Whitney are grateful for the chance to help the children of Jamaica.  

"It's really a blessing because me, Faith, and everybody who has come around and jumped in to help us build this amazing store," Knight said. "I'm speechless and just very appreciative of what everyone has been doing here in Worcester to help us carry out our mission back in Jamaica."

"We just made it happen," said Whitney. "I have the most awesome people, and I network with everybody, who has dropped off all of these donations. Nothing came from me and Racquel. Everybody’s like 'I want to help. I want to help. I want to contribute. You have a great cause. This is what we're going to do.' I'm like, 'this is great.' And it just kind of flourished."

Knight says they hope to hire people who are in need of second chances. 

The store is open to taking donations. They don't have a drop box yet, people can stop by when the store is open to drop of items. They will also pick up items at people's homes.