WORCESTER, Mass. - If you were in downtown Worcester on Friday, you may have noticed the unusual site of people rappelling off of the Mercantile Center building.

It's all part of the Canines for Disabled Kids fundraiser “Over the Edge."

The national nonprofit is headquartered in Worcester and pairs children with disabilities with service dogs to help them.

Organizers say the fundraiser is a fun and interesting way to raise money.  

Franklin Realty Advisors owns and operates Mercantile Center. The company’s managing director, Chip Norton, was one of the people to rappel off the building on Friday.

“I didn't know how high it was because I didn't look down. It was great,” Norton said in an interview shortly after he had both feet back on the ground. “That was the hardest part. Just getting comfortable stepping off and leaning back and getting into position. Once you did that, it was great."

Canines for Disabled Kids began in 1998 and has sponsored more than 130 service dogs.

More volunteers, including Worcester Bravehearts' mascot, "Jake the Lion," will rappel off the building on Saturday.