WORCESTER, Mass. - Students and artists are making garden tools and sculptures from destroyed guns. 

What You Need To Know

  • UMass Memorial Health's Annual Goods for Guns Buyback is on Saturday 
  • Here is a list of police stations participating 
  • People are asked to bring unwanted or unsecured weapons (unloaded), in a plain plastic or paper bag
  • Guns are bought back anonymously and without questions 

“It's their way of showing that these weapons can be transformed into something beautiful," John Hayden, founder of Guns 2 Gardens Massachusetts, said. 

Some of the firearms used to make pieces of artwork came from UMass Memorial Health's Annual Goods for Guns Buyback. The program is celebrating its 20th year and has collected more than 3,700 unwanted weapons.

“Any gun we can get off the street that is unsecured and unwanted is a plus for society," Worcester County District Attorney, Joseph Early, Jr., said. "When you truly want to see crime reduced, it's through prevention and intervention." 

Medical and law enforcement leaders say intervention is especially important during the pandemic due to an increase in gun sales and shootings. They also point to the growth of mental health disorders in both kids and adults.

“With the kind of environment we have with the pandemic, there’s a lot of mental stress," Goods for Guns founder, Dr. Michael Hirsh, said. "Wellness is not at premium right now, so getting a gun out of a home can really save a lot of tragedy."

Guns will be bought back and destroyed without question. In return, people will get a grocery store gift card.

“What we are trying to do is make life safer for the community, better for people who might be tempted to take their life, and keep a gun out of a criminal's hands if there is a breaking and entering into a home," Early said. 

Free gun locks will also be provided to anyone attending the event.

A list of where you can drop off unwanted guns on Saturday can be found here.