WORCESTER, Mass. - The completion of the glass facade at Worcester's Midtown Mall is finally in sight.

The downtown mall's owner, Felicio Lana, tells the Worcester Redevelopment Authority (WRA) on Friday that the glass facade will be finished and the staging at the front of the building will be down by Nov. 15.

Lana also tells the WRA the storefronts on the main level of the mall are at 96%capacity already. The number includes businesses who have provided letters of intent and deposits, and all of the businesses moving into the Midtown Mall are new businesses coming into Worcester.

"It's unbelievable," Lana said during Friday's meeting. "This is very important. This is not business coming from the Glass Tower or 100 Front Street. This is new business coming into the city."

The businesses signed on to open in the Midtown Mall include a market, restaurant, fitness center and a wine shop.

The businesses are scheduled to begin opening in the mall on Dec. 1.