WORCESTER, Mass. A new beer will honor fallen Worcester police officer Manny Familia. 

The beer, called “Worcester's Finest,” will be a Mexican lager.  A group of officers is teaming up with Wormtown Brewery to brew it. 

They say it's a combination of Corona and Modelo, which were Familia’s favorite brands of beer.

The beer ferments for six weeks and will be released on November 4.

Wormtown Brewery owner, David Fields, says, “We always hope to never, ever have to do this for our community again. But we’re proud and humbled that we are able to partner and help bring some healing to those officers that were friends with him and that worked with Officer Familia, but also to his family and bring them here to gather and celebrate in his name that day."

Wormtown expects to raise $20,000 from the beer. Proceeds will go to the Manny Foundation to help Familia's wife and kids and the 267 Foundation, which is working to outfit all police cruisers with rescue tubes and support water safety training for officers and swimming lessons for kids.