WEBSTER, Mass. - 15-year old Nateli Barjolo is watching her dream pool and patio be built from the ground up in her backyard.

“There was a whole bunch of stairs right there and it’s just gone now, “ Barjolo said.

A trip to the lake or public pool can be dangerous for Barjolo. The Webster teen is receiving chemotherapy and has a weakened immune system. She is being treated for stage 4 Hodgkin's lymphoma.

“I didn’t believe it because I’ve always seen cancer on TV. You know, they get cancer, they lose their hair,they pass away,” Barjolo said. “I didn’t really believe it would happen to someone like me because I’ve been so healthy.”

It started when she discovered a lump on her neck, which led to a series of doctor's appointments and tests. 

Word of Barjolo’s diagnosis and her wish for a pool spread among neighbors and their friends quickly. 

So with all hands on deck, dozens of volunteers from around Central Massachusetts are bringing the teens' dream to life.

Barjolo’s mom, Theresa Barjolo, said, “It’s just overwhelming.“

Barjolo’s family says they’re grateful for the donations from friends and strangers who stepped up to help.​ And the organizers are glad to grant Barjolo’s wish.

Charbel Najem, a real estate consultant with Cedar Wood Realty Group, said, “It’s a thrill. It’s an incredible thing to see happen.”

Barjolo is facing months of chemotherapy and possibly radiation, but the actions of this group are helping lift her spirits. 

“It's pretty cool because I just found myself to be a normal person and then everyone is coming together to make this possible for me,” Barjolo said.

Barjolo now says she’s ready to beat the heat and have a place to relax.