NORTH ADAMS, MASS - This year’s race for the mayor’s office in North Adams is a historic one. All four candidates on the ballot are women, which means, for the first time in North Adams history, the city will have a woman as mayor.

What You Need To Know

  • Four women are running for mayor in North Adams
  • North Adams has never had a woman as mayor in its history
  • Some of the candidates’ priorities include infrastructure, schools and climate change
  • All the candidates are proud to be part of this historic election

The city’s aging infrastructure will be front and center during the campaign. Political newcomer Aprilyn Carsno was inspired to run after broken fire hydrants hindered the response to several fires earlier this year.

“It was just an eye opener,” sad Carsno. “I was scared for myself and others. Two houses burnt down, and I felt like I should join to make change.”

Another high priority for candidates like Jennifer Macksey and Lynnette Bond is replacing the city’s aging public safety building.

“We need to have an infrastructure plan,” said Macksey. “I have experience in public safety, I know that building well, and it’s time that we move that building forward.”

“We know that we have some COVID relief funds, so we want to dedicate those funds,” said Bond. “We need to look at a design, we need to look at a site for that public facilities building.”

Some of the candidates’ other goals include improving the city’s schools, revitalizing the downtown economy, and, for Rachel Branch, who is running for mayor for the third time, finding ways to address the climate crisis.

“All local politics is global, and all global politics is local,” said Branch. “So you have to have a many-pronged accent on everything.”

No matter who ends up winning the seat in the corner office, the candidates look forward to the opportunity to make history.

“I think it’s really important for our children,” said Bond. “I think of my daughter, who will see a woman mayor for the first time. It’s great, we want to see people represented in our government.”

“Women bring a lot to the table, not only in their leadership style of care and compassion, but their dedication and their commitment,” said Macksey. “And I think we need to lead by example, and women leaders do that.”

The preliminary election is set for September 21, and the top two vote-getters will advance to the general election on November 2.