OXFORD, Mass. — An Oxford Market Basket employee is making a difference in the checkout aisle. Briar Poirier goes above and beyond for his customers at Oxford’s Market Basket.

“I want to make sure they are well taken care of and get a good product," Poirier said. 

What You Need To Know

  • Briar Poirier helped a veteran pay for his groceries 

  • Customers have good things to say about him on social media

  • He has worked at the store for eight years, doing multiple jobs

  • The community is hearing about his good deed 

He’s worked at the store for eight years, and has done a little of everything. Briar says he has Asperger syndrome. 

“I’ve done maintenance here, I cleaned here, I've gone outside to push carts,” he said. “I've shoveled snow when the time needs to be done and I catch here simply go where needed.”

His positive attitude doesn’t go unnoticed. Customers have good things to say about Poirier on social media, and with good reason. Recently, a veteran in Poirier’s checkout line used a gift card for groceries and it came up about three dollars short.

“The man looked like he wanted to put some stuff back, since he didn't have enough to cover the rest of the bill,” Poirier said. “So I grabbed my wallet and pay the difference.”

Poirier says he knew the man was a veteran because of his clothing.

“It’s the least I can do for them,” Poirier said. “They're willing to sacrifice their lives and put their lives at risk, so I can have my freedoms and my luxury. So I appreciate that immensely more than I could put into words.”

News of Poirier’s good deed is spreading fast. A customer gave him $20.00 to pay for another veteran's groceries.

“I’m just happy that I can get a positive message going so everybody can try and help each other out more," Poirier said.

Customers say it’s not the first time he has done something nice for others. And Poirier says it sure won’t be the last.