SPENCER, Mass. - Beth Sobiloff and Deb Thelen are two friends chasing a dream. 

"That's the fun part.," said Sobiloff. "I am a life long learner."

Sobiloff turned her passion to travel into a social media series, "Two Grannies on the Road." She calls Thelen her partner in crime. 

"I'm the other 'granny'on the road," said Thelen. "What's better than that?"

The two live in Plymouth----but there's nothing holding the 71-year-old and 64-year-old back. 

For the past three years, they made it their mission to visit every town and city in Massachusetts. Their 24th visit was to Spencer, where they proved they were up to try anything at least once, even freeze dried Skittles from Royal Crest Farm.  

What You Need To Know

  • Two women are documenting their travels around the state
  • They are set on visiting every town and city in Massachusetts
  • They've visited 24 towns and cities and have 327 to go
  • Their next trip is planned for Auburn

They get around driving what they call the "Granny mobile" and find each town's hidden gems by asking the people who live there.

"When we have like five people tell us to go to a restaurant, we know its a really good place," Sobiloff said.

It's why they went to Kosta's Cafe and ordered theichicken salad. 

"If you go where the town people hang out, you pretty much are going to get good food," said Sobiloff. 

Eating is their favorite thing to do in a new place, but meeting new people is a close second. 

"You feel like a little celebrity," joked Thelen. "Even when you know you're not."

The two want to see and learn as much as they can, for as long as they can and have no plans of stopping anytime soon. ‚ÄčTheir only regret is wishing they followed their dreams sooner. 

The two are eyeing Auburn as the next Central Massachusetts town to explore.