MILLBURY, Mass. - Mitch doesn't have a bucket list, but if he did, swimming would be at the very top. 

"We know his days are numbered," said owner, Steph Kozlowski. "We know we don't have that much time with him."

His love for life hasn't dulled, even though months quickly turned into days. 

"He's just kind of ho-hum and happy to be here," said Kozlowski. "He's always down for whatever and along for the ride."

The pit bull mix has Cushing's disease and liver cancer. Kozlowski promised to make the days he had left, ones he would never forget. 

"We've always spoiled him rotten," Kozlowski said. "But, we will just continue to give him the best, happiest days for however many there are."

So, the two spent this day doing his favorite thing: swimming. Mitch even got his first boat ride. 

"It made made so happy to see him just in the water and doing what he loves to do and just have a good day," said Kozlowski. 

What You Need To Know

  • Mitch is a pitbull mix with Cushing's Disease and liver cancer
  • The Kozlowskis rescued him in March of 2018
  • Mitch spent Tuesday swimming and boating on Ramshorn Pond
  • Steph Kozlowki hopes Mitch's story encourages others to adopt old dogs


She rescued Mitch in March of 2018, while dealing with the loss of another dog.​

"Mitch was first picked up as a stray in Georgia," Kozlowski said. "He was brought into a shelter there and because of hurricane Irma, he was actually a hurricane Irma evacuee."

From there, Mitch bounced around foster homes in South Carolina and Maine, before finally landing in the arms of the Kozlowskis. 

"I found Mitch and I learned about his story," she said. "He just healed our entire family's broken heart. He was the missing piece of the puzzle."

Despite the challenges he's faced, Mitch's life has a happier ending in a loving home. 

"Mitch was an older dog when we got him." said Kozlowski. "He has had the most miraculous three years and its been wonderful for him. Its been rewarding for us."

Kozlowski hopes Mitch's story encourages others to take a chance on adopting an older dog.