WORCESTER, Mass. - A partnership program in the city kicks off with a goal to keep Worcester's streets and green spaces clean and beautiful.

The Worcester Green Corps is a year-round effort by the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce, the City of Worcester and the United Way of Central Massachusetts. 

The group works with businesses and non-profit communities to help assist in cleaning up the city. High school students from the Worcester Community Action Council's (WCAC) YouthWorks program will be in each of the city's five districts Monday through Thursday doing litter clean-ups and other beautification projects.  

"This is a huge opportunity to help be part of beautifying a beautiful city," WCAC Executive Director, Marybeth Campbell, said. "And this is not just about the city, but this is about you guys."

"To every one of our residents, when you see the Green Corps, honk. Give them a high five, say 'Thank you.' They are making our city better,” said President and CEO of the United Way of Central Massachusetts, Tim Garvin. ”We want you to make our city cleaner and better. We want this to be the best summer of your life and of our lives."

Every Friday, the students will visit different organizations and businesses in the city to learn about green initiatives and get exposure to different educational pathways and environmental careers.