Thirteen-year-old Morgan Lucas is the only girl on her AAU baseball team, but it doesn’t bother her. The teen’s love for the game started when she was four.

“Not really,” Lucas said, after being asked if the exeperience was tough. 

She’s grown into a utility player, knowing how to play 1st base, 3rd base, pitcher, catcher, and left field.

Morgan helped her Rutland little league team win a district title last year, pitching most of the game and striking out 12. She's been playing on Strike Zone teams since she was nine. She has big goals. 

“Keep on playing baseball and make a college team," Lucas said.

Baseball runs in the family. Morgan says she started playing the sport because she wanted to be like her older bother Jacob. Who now plays at Wachusett. 

“He’s a role model," Lucas said. 

Morgan’s dad Jeremy Lucas coached both Jacob and Morgan. 

“It’s coach on the field, dad off the field. It’s been really fun. She loves it, so we will support her in everything she does," Jeremy Lucas said. 

Now, Morgan is a role model herself and to other girls who want to play baseball. 

“Be yourself and just if you’re playing just stick to it and don’t let anyone change what you’re doing," she said.

This summer, she’ll be playing on the Boston Slammers, an all-girls baseball team. Dozens of teams from around the country will play at a tournament in Maryland this month. 

“It new its different. Instead of playing with the boys all the time," Lucas said.