MASS. - For some, the Fourth of July is a time to celebrate. But for others, the holiday, and some noise that comes with it, can be frightening. 

Bernice Gero, a volunteer with Missing Dog Massachusetts, says they've had dogs jump through a sliding glass door and window because they were so scared of fireworks. The bright flashes of light, loud bangs and pops can be terrifying to dogs who have no idea what is going on. 

"We have to realize their hearing is a lot more sensitive than ours," said Gero. "They can feel and they can sense when things are off. It's their instincts."

​Gero has been with the organization for more than five years and said July is their busiest month of the year.

"Last year on July 4 alone, we got 20 lost dog forms that came in in that 24-hour period," said Gero. 

Firework displays can be stressful and trigger a lot of animals, not just dogs. 

"Once they get frightened and bolt, they will just keep running." said Gero. "They will keep running until they think the threat is over." 

What You Need To Know

  • Missing dog reports spike in July each year
  • Dogs have more sensitive hearing, easily scared by loud fireworks
  • React differently each year, regardless of how they reacted in the past
  • Owners can put them in a room with other noises to calm and distract them

It doesn't matter the how trained or how social your pet is, dogs can react all different ways even if they never have in the past. Gero said she experienced it with her own dog. 

"Before he was fine," said Gero. "But this year, with thunder and fireworks, he totally flips out and shakes."

While she asks people to be considerate while celebrating, Gero said there are ways pet owners can prepare for the holiday and create a comfortable environment. 

"Put them in a room with some TV or radio as a distraction," Gero said. "Keep them home. Don't bring them out in the yard or down to the fireworks thinking they will enjoy it. They really don't."

​Gero points out it is not just a problem over the July 4th holiday, she says people set off fireworks and scare dogs all summer.