WORCESTER, Mass. - Schools out and many summer camps are in session.

With the hot temperatures this week, Girls Inc. is taking extra precautions to keep campers safe.

To beat the heat outside, sprinklers are set up for the 100 girls at the camp to run through. Their building also has an indoor pool.

CEO Victoria Waterman says campers are being taught how to swim while also cooling down. She says they're also reminding girls how to stay healthy in the heat.

"They're reminded constantly about the sunscreen and about the water. We have one of those beautiful new water coolers that the girls can refill their water bottles with everyday which is nice," said Waterman. "They're just having fun and they're happy to be outdoors and seeing their friends and catching up on great times."

Girls inc. recently finished a $5 million renovation to the building and now have air conditioning in every room. They are still requiring masks indoors.