WORCESTER, Mass. - Mirage Express is getting ready to stock the shelves and fill the cafe with customers. They're re-opening August 19. It’s the same day JetBlue will resume commercial flights out of Worcester Regional Airport to JFK. 

“We finally have light at the end of the tunnel,” Mirage Express manager Cynthia Rmeih said. “We are just so excited. I hope our customers are excited to see us as we're excited to see them.”

The family-run business has been closed since commercial fights at the airport were suspended last year. While many small businesses were hit hard by the pandemic, Rmeih says her family's business faces a big challenge. 

“Other small businesses like restaurants were able to put their minds together and figure out ways to generate an income during the hard circumstances, they were able to sell liquor to go,” Rmeih said. “They were doing takeout. Whereas us, you need a ticket to get to our location. There was zero income because there were zero passengers.”

Rmeih says after being busy in 2019, the cafe had high hopes for 2020. 

“We loaded up our stores, and unfortunately we lost all our inventory everything expired so it was a big hit,” Rmeih said. “It was not easy, the bills never stopped.” 

JetBlue is also resuming flights to Fort Lauderdale on October 21.

“We are excited to come back to what we are used and to come back to our element," Rmeih said.