Molly Bish's sister is speaking out about Thursday’s news of a Spencer man being named as a person of interest in Molly’s murder case.

Heather Bish says her family had detectives at their homes yesterday showing them a picture of the person the Worcester County District Attorney's office is calling a person of interest. 

Heather says while they didn't recognize Francis Sumner, he fit the description of the person her mother says she saw the day before Molly's disappearance on June 27, 2000. 

“My mother would often talk about a collared shirt, his hairline, his eyebrows. The way his eyes looked at her and the way he held a cigarette. This man has all of those similarities,” Heather Bish said. “It’s been 7,646 days since I saw my sister and if this is the person, it’s time. It’s time that we know what happened to Molly. That’s what we’ve been searching for. I miss her as much today as I did 20 years ago.”

Heather says this is the first time the State Police have come forward with a person of interest. 

She says usually it is a family member or private investigators coming forward. She's hopeful the developing news will bring her family closer to answers.