WORCESTER, Mass. - The City of Worcester has teamed up with several community-based organizations and local medical providers to launch the  “Get Vaccinated Worcester” campaign.

The campaign is being led by 37 organizations city-wide. Community organizations and medical providers are working together to promote vaccine acceptance, especially as the state is just days away from lifting most of its COVID-19 safety restrictions. 

Dr. Jan Yost, -president of the Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts says four out of 10 residents in Worcester have been fully vaccinated, a number she would like higher.

“The fact that we've gotten to 40% is very good, but we know to stop the spread, we need to be nearly double that number,” Dr. Yost said. “We need to get above 70 percent."

Get Vaccinated Worcester is aiming to reach the hesitant population and Dr. Yost says research shows the best way to do that is through personal physicians. 

“They are reaching out to their patients, messaging them, alerting them that they recommend that they get the vaccination,” Dr. Yost said.

On the community side of the campaign, conversations about the vaccine will be sparked at regular gatherings. 

"At the end of conducting the business, they will say ‘I have been vaccinated and I'm so relieved. What are you thinking about it?’ We are receiving reports back from these outreach workers that the conversations are very helpful," Dr. Yost said.

Anyone who may be looking for more information about the vaccine or help making an appointment, should visit getvaccinatedworcester.org.