In celebration of Earth Day, community members in Worcester helped clean up parts of the Canal District on what was a perfect Saturday afternoon.

City leaders were joined by members of the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce, Worcester Red Sox, local business owners, and members of City Manager Ed Augustus' cleanup team.

They picked up discarded trash and litter in neighborhood.

They also spent some time freshening up the paint job on the Green Street bridge.

The city's Regional Environmental Council commemorated Earth Day over the week, cleaning up 50 sites across Worcester.

"Usually after the winter, you know you find trash that has been blowing around in the snow piles and stuff,” Augustus said. “It needed a good, deep cleaning. And we were able to get a lot of good people together today to boost the city up and I think it looks amazingly different after a couple hours of work."

"This really needed the spring cleanup,” Worcester District 2 City Councilor Candy Mero-Carlson said. “There was a lot of construction that took place down here as well throughout the year. Today was really an all-out effort of well over 100 people cleaning up in this area."

Earth Day was Thursday.

Annual clean ups have been happening in Worcester for more than 30 years.​