PITTSFIELD, Mass. - With the weather getting warmer, you're more likely to see cats outside, but not all outdoor cats are strays in need of help.

The Berkshire Humane Society has had several instances recently where people have brought cats to the shelter they think are strays, but turn out to be pets from the neighborhood.

It can take weeks to return a pet to its owner, so the Humane Society's feline manager, Erin Starsja, said there are several cues to look for before deciding to take an animal to get​ help.

Starsja said,"If the cat is roaming through, friendly, happy, it's not looking for a food source, it's a healthy weight, it's got a good coat, it's confident, it probably has a home to go back to. If they're matted, if they're thin, if they're hiding somewhere, scared under your porch and don't want to come out, or they look injured in any way, shape, or form, those are animals you want to get help to right away."

Starsja said the best way to help an animal in need is to call your local animal shelter or animal department as soon as possible.