WORCESTER. Mass. - Thousands voted at Worcester State University’s Wellness Center during the 2020 elections, but the polling location is moving this year.

City Clerk Niko Vangjeli says the University asked to move voting into the Wellness Center last year because they were using the original space at the May Street Building as classrooms.

Vangjeli says the school told the City they needed to make another change this year because the gym is being used as a vaccination site, and students are expected to come back on campus for the fall. 

He says the Election Commission will have hearings to notify all of the voters who will be affected and get the public’s feedback.

Vangjeli said, "We know when we moved in 2020 it was very close to the Presidential election, so we have concerns, but we have to work with our host agencies and Worcester State University has been a great partner for us for the past 20 years. We will certainly notify the public. We will certainly have public service announcements and we'll also place a poll worker at the old location if the Commission decides to move forward to make sure voters are not being confused on Election Day." 

Im 2020, three precincts voted at the Worcester State Wellness Center location.

A public hearing on the move will be held at the end of May.