It’s cheers to a new business adventure for Julia Walderzak and Melissa Costa. The two will be hitting the road soon. They'll be traveling to homes and businesses for events in their redesigned 1970’s wine camper, named Winona. 

“It's surreal. I'm like, oh that's my idea. Okay, that's cool. I mean it's awesome," said Julia Walderzak, owner of Decanted. 

"We are really excited. We think this is going to be huge, especially with more people wanting to do outdoor events because of COVID," said Melissa Costa, owner of Decanted. 

Besides running Decanted, Melissa is a hair dresser and Julia owns a kids fitness business. 

“When the pandemic hit, we were virtually wiped out within two days, we had to cancel 40 accounts. I had to let go of like 30 fitness instructors," said Walderzak. 

Julia said she’s always had a passion for wine, and COVID-19 made her think outside the box, when it came to opening another business.  

“I said what about a wine truck. So then I talked to Melissa and I said I have this wild idea, what do you think of it? She was like 'Alright I'm in', "said Walderzak. 

The two said the idea has been popular and they have a lot of events booked for the summer. They said people want to be in their own pods. 

“We want to be able to help people gather together, especially safely outside with their friends and family," said Costa.

And the business partners said they want to use their creativity to help dream events become a reality.