WORCESTER, Mass. - Becker College is closing at the end of the current school year.

Becker College Board of Trustees Chair Christine L. Cassidy released a statement Monday morning saying the school would close and current students would be offered transitional support through the end of August.

The school had recently confirmed it was having severe financial issues. Becker College has campuses in Worcester and Leicester and has roots that date back to the 1700s.

The school says the semester will continue as planned and ceremonies for graduating seniors and recipients of master’s degrees remain scheduled for Saturday, May 8.

Cassidy said, "This was a deeply painful decision for the Board to make—one that the College administration made every possible effort to stave off, but one we came to realize in recent weeks was unavoidable. Our commitment going forward is to do everything we can to ensure our students finish this year strongly positioned to continue their education, and that they and all our faculty and staff get access to the best education and employment opportunities available.’’

To read the school’s full statement, click here. The school has developed a website for students, faculty, and staff to answer questions and provide detailed information about next steps.

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