WORCESTER, Mass. - Worcester State University is trying to return to some form of normalcy while having a COVID-19 vaccination site on campus. 

The school played its first NCAA games this week in more than a year -- a softball double header between the Lancers and Becker College on Tuesday. The players and coaches say they're grateful to be back.

Worcester State’s Athletic Director Michael Mudd says the key to getting back to playing games is communication. He says the administration is keeping him up to date and so far they haven't had many issues.

“Having a vaccination center taking place on our campus certainly makes it a little more difficult,” Mudd said. “But communication is key. We’ve done a really good job, I think, messaging the other visiting schools as far as how they want to arrive to campus, how they want to get to the field. Obviously, we’re not allowing fans within the foul poles to watch our baseball, softball games. We had police tape off and corridor off areas. We kind of increased our staffing as well to patrol that.”

The school will resume in-person classes in the fall and it's board also approved a tuition freeze for the 2021-22 school year.