PITTSFIELD, Mass. - Months after some Pittsfield residents expressed concerns about a new cell tower in their neighborhood, the City's health department is now saying they aren't able to do anything to immediately address those concerns.

Pittfield's Director of Public Health Gina Armstrong said, "We don't have the training. The public health system locally has dealt with this type of health concern, but this certainly does not mean that we are not interested."

Armstrong told city councilors this week a board of health investigation in the future is still possible. However, for neighborhood residents, it isn't enough. Some said they've started feeling health effects since the cell tower was turned on.

Resident Charlie Herzig said,"There has to be an end to this. There has to be something happen. You can't have people suffering."

Neighbor Courtney Gilardi says she knows of several experts who have volunteered to work with the city on any investigation and she hopes they can come up with a solution.

Gilardi said, "I would like to see us work together and move forward, and to find a resolution, whether it's through the special permit process or talking directly to Farley White Corporation or Verizon and asking them to be a good neighbor and to ask them to remove this tower."

Armstrong said she doesn't know how long a Board of Health investigation would take, but the issue will be discussed further at the Board's next meeting in April.