WORCESTER, Mass. -  Massachusetts educators can get their COVID-19 vaccine before March 11, if they find an open appointment at CVS pharmacy. 

Students and staff here at Notre Dame Academy have been back in the classroom since September, teachers say they're excited for the chance to get the COVID-19 vaccination, but finding an appointment on CVS’S website, hasn’t been easy so far. 

Nicole Lian teaches theater at NDA. She says she’s visited the CVS website dozens of times, since she found out on Wednesday teachers could get vaccinated at the pharmacy chain. 

She hasn’t had any luck. As of Thursday afternoon, there were no openings in Massachusetts. 

“So that's a little frustrating. I kind of figured that that might happen, that we would get the green light to be vaccinated, only to find that there would be no appointments available. So I'm not surprised, but again I was excited that CVS released appointments at least," said Lian.

Teachers and staff will be able to get vaccinated at state sites starting on March 11. School Nurse Rosanna Burke says becoming eligible is what she’s been waiting for. 

“This is huge. Yesterday was like Christmas day for me. I literally went around to let my teachers know that they were now eligible to be vaccinated, I went from classroom to classroom. As I announced it to a science teacher the seventh grade class that she was teaching, the students began to clap for us," said Burke.

Notre Dame Academy has been working to keep students safe from the virus. They’re having in-person classes as well as a remote learning option. 

“I just feel, that we would feel so much better coming into our jobs every day, knowing that we were vaccinated," said Lian. 

As teachers are able to find open time slots, school leaders here say it’s OK if the appointment is during the school day. 

“We've told them where you can get a vaccine take it. If we need to find coverage, we will absolutely do that. It is much more important, especially given how hard they are to access, to allow the teachers to take any time off that they need in order to maintain that appointment," said Lisa Mancini, Head of School at Notre Dame Academy. 

Notre Dame isn’t requiring teachers to get the vaccine, but Burke says she’s hopeful the state will offer some type of mobile vaccine clinic for teachers.