WORCESTER, Mass. - UMass Memorial Health Care's Mobile Vaccination team paid a visit to Worcester's Boys and Girls Club on Wednesday.

They vaccinated nearly 40 individuals.

Staff also visited homes of people who were unable to visit the site.

It's part of UMass Memorial's effort to reach underserved neighborhoods.

The health care system said getting out into these areas to administer the vaccine is a big step forward in the fight against COVID-19.

"I have spent most of this year caring for people that already have covid and for us to get out there and actually prevent people from having covid just brings kind of full circle for me,” said Sharon Rudinski, RN.

"UMass Memorial Health Care has been a wonderful partner throughout the entire time, making sure that our kids and families get the support they need whether it be PPE or information on covid. Now this is sort of the next step, where now they are helping our people in our neighborhood get vaccinated,” Boys and Girls Club of Worcester Executive Director Liz Hamilton said.

UMass Memorial staff also answered questions for residents who may have some hesitation about getting the vaccine. ​