WORCESTER COUNTY, Mass. - State lawmakers are requesting answers from Governor Charlie Baker about vaccination distribution.

In a letter to the Governor's office this week, legislators expressed their concerns and questions about the vaccine rollout in the state. 

They say they recognize mass vaccination is a difficult task, but they're calling on the administration to take additional steps to prepare for the future.

State Representative James O’Day [D-14th Worcester District] said,"I think we have to be extremely transparent and early on with the information from the administration to the rest of my colleagues. We're the ones that are fielding calls, we're the ones whose constituents are wondering when they're going to get their shot, where it's going to be, how many shots are there available and I think that's a key component to all of this. We want to make sure that we know who's going to be covered, where the sites are and how we get there​."

Representative O'Day adds a vaccine call center which can handle multiple languages is in the planning stages and he expects it to be up and running soon.