WORCESTER, Mass. - The US Department of Transportation approves the Northeast Alliance Agreement between JetBlue and American Airlines.

A stipulation in the deal ultimately ends JetBlue's service between Worcester Regional Airport and JFK International in New York City.

JetBlue says while the deal does reflect their temporary suspension of Worcester service, it does not reflect their future plans.

The airline suspended operations at Worcester indefinitely last summer because revenue and demands for air travel were down during the pandemic.

Massport says they're hopeful JetBlue can get back to how operations were before covid and eventually expand.

"We've been communicating with them but we believe they're still committed to Worcester and they're going to resume the flights as soon as they can" said Massport chair, Lew Evangelidis.

JetBlue says they'll keep evaluating their service levels while navigating the current economic climate and travel demand.