WORCESTER, Mass. -A Worcester startup is getting $15,000 for its work to improve the process of getting clean energy from water.

The Department of Energy awarded Multiscale Systems for its concept around dampening pads.

They work to reduce vibration in turbine assemblies.

Multiscale Systems CEO Jesse Silverberg said the pads could help improve the longevity of hydroelectric turbines.

"The problem is that as they age and wear out they become imbalanced, just like in a washer or dryer when those become imbalanced you hear them go “chug a chug a chug." Hydroelectric turbines are no different. They get imbalanced, they start to vibrate, they start to make bad noises, and can lead to catastrophic failure. Solutions and technologies like ours help to mitigate those vibrations and make sure the equipment operates efficiently for as long as possible," said Silverberg.

The award is part of the American-Made Challenge competition, which is run by the Department of Energy. 


Image courtesy: Mutliscale Systems