WORCESTER, Mass. - Dentists across the state continue to have questions about when and where they’ll get vaccinated for COVID-19, but the Massachusetts Dental Society says they’re one step closer to finding out.

Dr. Joseph Costa, Jr. suits up in PPE to protect himself and his patients from getting COVID-19, but like many others dentists in the state, he’s waiting for another precaution: the COVID-19 vaccine.
“We are about eight inches from their face with aerosols being produced. We are potentially exposed to COVID in the air. So it is concerning being so close, " said Costa.
Dentists and hygienists will receive the vaccine in last part of Phase One, but there isn’t a set date yet. The Massachusetts Dental Society says the profession is at high risk, while they wait.
“Not to be included with the frontline and health care workers it disappointing to not only myself but many of the members," said Dr. MaryJane Hanlon, President of Massachusetts Dental Society.
Dentists are also one of the few medical professionals who treat patients who aren’t wearing masks.
“On a daily basis, we are caring for patients putting ourselves at risk, and aren’t really getting a good answer from the state," said Costa.
Dr. Michael Cooper uses PPE in his office as well. He also wants to know when his team will get the vaccine.

“It's frustrating to see some of the groups, ahead of us, you know, considering the risks that we take on a day to day basis. Especially this rollout has gone so slow, we look at other states around us, I speak to friends and colleagues in other states that have gotten the vaccine and in a lot of cases gotten the second dose of the vaccine already, and we're still waiting for any information as to when that might be," said Cooper.
The Department of Health said this week they are working on approving a roll out plan.

“We were really excited to just get any information from the state because it has not really been forthcoming this whole time,” said Hanlon.
In the meantime, many dentists are also looking into becoming certified vaccinators themselves to help fight the pandemic.