WORCESTER, Mass. - Some of the students taking part in a vaccination clinic will soon be back to help vaccinate Worcester first responders. That effort starts Monday.

UMass Medical students like Courtney McMahon and Camila Hernandez are rolling up their sleeves and practicing administering a vaccination.

Courtney McMahon said, “Rightly so, at the Medical School they didn’t want us around COVID patients. So this is the first thing I felt is that I could really give back in my way of fighting the pandemic, sort of speak."

“I’m just really grateful UMass is giving us the opportunity to this. I think it’s really important for people to get involved in this effort and really necessary right now what’s happening with COVID," said fellow medical student, Camila Hernandez.

The two are part of 160 volunteers who were trained by graduate nursing students on Saturday. They’ll now be able to administer COVID-19 vaccines under supervision.

City of Worcester's Medical Director Dr. Michael Hirsh said, “This is going to give us a real boost because the medical professionals are all exhausted but these guys are bright eyed and bushy tailed. They really want to make a contribution.”

Those contributions could come as early as Monday or Tuesday. Hundreds of first responders from Worcester county are getting vaccinated at Worcester’s Senior Center.

“It’s going to be very impactful because they are going to feel much more comfortable and prepared to take care of these COVID patients," Dr. Hirsh said.

And UMass Medical staff says the desire of students to help and learn is clear.

Jill Terrien, Associate Dean of UMass Medical Graduate School of Nursing, said, “The team effort here is just incredible. The energy is just incredible and the hope for gaining ground on curing COVID is just very exciting. “

UMass Medical School is hoping to have another vaccination clinic soon they can continue to add their “army of vaccinators."