The For the Love of Good Foundation helps the homeless and community members who are in need. The nonprofit does work all year round, but during the winter months, they give out much needed items to those who are less fortunate.

"The colder it gets the more we come out," said Deb Maisonave, the foundation's secretary/treasurer.

Maisonave and Kevin Joslyn helped start the "For the Love of Good Foundation." Joslyn said it started with taking his kids to give coffee and donuts to the homeless on holidays.

The two retired law enforcement officers, along with volunteers, set up sites with different clothing and food for the homeless and people in need.

"There are so many people out there in need, especially because of COVID, so we are actually doing more now than less with COVID because they need us more," said Josyln.

The organization typically helps the Holyoke Community, but after seeing the need in Chicopee, they decided to expand their efforts.

"With so many people worried about hunger and not having enough with COVID and all, it's really important that we're able to do this," said Maisonave.

This winter, the foundation teamed up with The Outreach Squad, so they could help more people.

"We are able to give them the clothes and the food and they are able to give them the backpack to go away and there are some pretty happy people leaving the area," Joslyn explained.

The Outreach Squad delivers backpacks with blankets and supplies to both men and women who are homeless. Each bag is tailored to the person's specific needs.

"This bag also has lady styled hats, gloves, socks, and further it has feminine products like tampons and pads and what not," Tiffany Chessey, one of the members/founders explained.

Volunteers from the two different organizations have the same mission and the desire to help.

"If it's not me, then who is it going to be?" said Chessey. "Somebody has to stand up and take a stand and motivate people to help others so if I can be that person, I am more than happy to."

"We don't care who you love and who you worship, if you're cold and hungry, we want to help you, it's as simple as that," said Joslyn.

Both organizations are always taking donations to continue supporting their efforts. More information can be found here.