MILLBURY, Mass. - A Central Massachusetts farm is saluting all first responders.

On Friday, Stowe Farm in West Millbury, raised a flag atop their 35-foot flagpole.

The Stowe family says they wanted to show their appreciation to the U.S. military, first responders, and health care workers for all they've done for the community, especially during a challenging year.

Several members of the Stowe family have served in the military.  Laura Stowe’s son is currently serving as an army ranger.

"It’s amazing. We had a great turnout. We appreciate everybody coming out especially with the times right now, everyone is a little nervous and this has been a great turnout. We’re very proud to have such a great sense of community" said Stowe.

The Millbury police and fire chiefs were in attendance for the flag raising as well as Sutton's police chief.