A Massachusetts-based author is encouraging people to use critical thinking when it comes to topics like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jonathan Haber started the website LogicCheck in an effort to help people check facts and understand arguments.

Haber said when it comes to COVID-19, we are dealing most with decisions about the future, like should we continue to wear masks, social distance and open more buildings.

He says these future decisions can't be fact checked.

"You can make decisions about the future and when you’re making decisions you have to choose, not between bodies and facts that are true and false entirely, but between arguments, arguments for the basic or critical thinking. We are not stating facts about social distancing, we are making arguments about whether we should do it, how we should do it. Those arguments have a specific structure and you can use critical thinking tools to analyze them to make the best decisions," said Haber.

You can visit Haber's personal website for more information on books he has written and his research about critical thinking.