WORCESTER, Mass. - A Worcester writer and teacher is bringing her award winning screenplay to life.

Houses that look like the ones on Blue Bell Road and Burncoat Street might make an appearance in the screenplay Wonder Drug. It's written by Caitlin McCarthy​, who lives and teaches in Worcester. 

"This will be my first produced, future screenplay and what better way to bring it to life than here in my home town. Especially with the pandemic taking place, I am thinking of all the businesses that could really benefit from having a production here. I would love to give back to the community that has given me so much," said Caitlin McCarthy, screenwriter of Wonder Drug

McCarthy's screen play, produced by Rhino Films, is about the side effects of a drug given to pregnant women, decades ago, known as DES. The drug can cause health issues for the children of it's users.  McCarthy says she experienced some of the side effects first hand. ​

"I love the idea of enlightening, while entertaining people, you know about an issue that is so important, because we all need to be paying attention to what is going on with our bodies, what are we being subjected to," said McCarthy​. 

McCarthy says she hopes the screen play will raise awareness and open up conversation on DES.  Meanwhile, the City of Worcester is recognizing McCarthy for her screenplay. 

"She is a Worcester public school teacher and she is a roll a model to her students. This is really important for her students to see that someone from Worcester, writing from Worcester, can be acknowledged by Hollywood and be this successful, " said Donna Colorio , Worcester City Councilor At-Large. 

Colorio says another movie shot in Worcester would help boost the economy. She said, "I think it's tremendous." 

"I am very excited. This has been a 15-year journey to get it to this point and I am just beyond thrilled,"  said McCarthy. 

McCarthy says shooting for Wonder Drug is expected to begin in 2021.