Dozens gathered outside Worcester City Hall on Saturday afternoon to oppose the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court.

Women's March Worcester held the event so people throughout Central Massachusetts could voice their opinions to the city, state, and federal leaders.

Protest organizer Amanda Scannell says she’s afraid Judge Barrett may tip the Court to pro-life. Scannell wants to protect her rights as a woman and says women need to stand up and show they have power.

Scannell said, "Girl power. I think that is kind of self explanatory. Really the empowerment of women all over. I feel like a big problem is internalized misogyny in the way women have to tear women down because they are taught to do that and we really want these events because they are solidarity in building other women up and feeling the power of a ton of women together standing up for their rights." 

The event in Worcester was one of many related to women's marches happening across the state and country.