Some Pittsfield residents are still looking for answers after a cell tower was built in their neighborhood -- they say without proper notice.

"We're not against cell towers. We understand why they are needed and they're a valuable part of the world today. But what we are against is putting them into neighborhoods where they're detrimental to the health of people who live there," said Charlie Herzig, a neighborhood resident.

Courtney Gilardi says she's worried about the long-term health effects the tower could have, but she's been unable to reach anyone at the city's health department to express her concerns.

"If people are going to place cell towers in residential neighborhoods abutting eight streets, they need to have a method of being responsible and being accountable to the questions that the citizens who live here have," said Gilardi.

Abutters to the tower filed a lawsuit claiming the proper permitting process wasn't followed, but a Berkshire Superior Court judge ruled against them in August.

However, Paul Dalton, one of the neighbors, says they've raised enough money to appeal it.

"Abutters who are legally required to be notified of a construction project like this were not notified via mail as they are required to do, and so we'd like to see the courts uphold that this process was not followed, and that would allow us to restart the permitting process and ensure our voices are heard," said Dalton.

Gilardi says she's turned her focus to trying to get the city's zoning laws changed and she'll be presenting their case to the Pittsfield Community Development Board next month.

"I think it all begins with education. The more people who know about safe cell tower siting, the more responsible and accountable we can be, because if this was placed further back away from homes, we wouldn't be having these issues right now," said Gilardi.