Judge Amy Coney Barrett pledged to "faithfully and impartially" serve on the Supreme Court if confirmed, but some democrats are concerned she is going to undo the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg's legacy.

A local political science expert says it appears democrats have decided this is not a winnable fight, but will use the confirmation hearings to further the democratic cause for winning the presidency and winning a majority back in the senate.

“The unspoken reality is democrats are hoping if they can win the presidency, but particularly the senate, that they can engage in some form of judicial reform starting in 2021. That’s something congress has the constitutional ability to do. And so when we hear talk about democrats packing the court, that’s where that’s coming from,” said Dr. Anthony Dell'Aera, an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Worcester State University.

He says it's likely the democrats will try to add members to the Supreme Court if they win the presidency and the senate majority.