A virtual panel will look at how cyber-attacks could impact the 2020 election.

Assumption University is hosting a panel next week featuring former US Government cybersecurity advisors.

Professor Raymond Albert says some are afraid of cyber threats and voting fraud.

The panelists will discuss how foreign governments have and may still influence the outcome of presidential elections and what can be learned from the 2016 election.

"Engaging a very very enthusiastic audience to learn more about threats to the election process and what they can do, what role they can play and informing themselves and those they know in love," said Professor Albert.

"You need to understand there is going to be a lot of people inserting disinformation narrative and trying to manipulate the election for their own political aim and this is not people who are just trying to, there are people who are going to try to perform a political agenda but you have to be aware there are going to be foreign adversaries who are just trying to spin the country into itself," said Jonathan Reiber, panelist and former US Government cybersecurity advisor.

State Representative Harold Naughton will moderate the panel.

It will take place virtually on Wednesday, October 7, beginning at 7 PM.