LGBT asylum seekers will now have a new place to go in Worcester.

The LGBT Asylum Task Force, a ministry of Hadwen Park Congregational Church, bought a multi-unit building in the city.

The home will provide shelter and housing for people fleeing violence in other countries due to their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Ministry Director, Al Green, says in the last 12 years, the task force has helped 300 asylum seekers from 20 different countries.

He says people who apply for asylum in the United States aren't allowed to work until they are granted a work permit and a social security number, which can sometimes take more than a year, so having a place to stay is important.

"Once we commit to helping someone, we provide housing, we provide a monthly stipend, we provide connection to attorneys and medical and mental support, all of which we have found to be needed to and necessary for folks to be successful in the asylum cases,” says Green.

He says they are the only entity in the country providing this level of support.

Up to 12 people can live in the building.

Private donations, grants, and money raised at their annual gala paid for it. They will hold their fourth annual gala virtually this year on September 26.