Boards of select in three Western Massachusetts towns are the first to pass a resolution calling for more staff and capital improvements at the Soldiers' Home in Holyoke. 

The Holyoke Soldier’s Home coalition says Ludlow, Southwick, and Granby resolved to call on Governor Baker and the legislature to take immediate action to increase funding and ensure sufficient staff. 

More than 70 veterans died of COVID-19 at the home.  The coalition says their goal is to make sure something like this doesn't happen again and to make sure veterans are given the services they need. 

They want to build a new home allowing for compliant rooms including a toilet and shower in each room.

Coalition member John Paradis said, “We want the state to expedite the process to get those plans to the va and update them because the most recent plan was from 2012-13 time frame so we understand and appreciate those plans need to be updated. We want to work with the state, provide our feedback and what we want to see in a future home. So this doesn't happen again and also that it needs to meet the future generation"

The coalition is also advocating for an adult day health care program at the home.