A local high school student delivers backpacks to Worcester Elementary Schools for graduating sixth graders in hopes of making a difference.

Simon Eber is the founder of the Worcester branch of 'Simon Says Give'. For four years, Simon has been donating backpacks full of supplies for Worcester students as they prepare for Middle School. Monday morning, Simon and his parents dropped off backpacks at Elm Park Community school in Worcester.

For Eber, a rising senior at St. John's High School in Shrewsbury, it's important to help give upcoming middle school students the supplies they need to succeed. Eber, "Middle School is a big step up from elementary school. You need a lot more customized supplies and I want to make sure that kids have what they need. Seeing how much this can mean, even though it's something I would take for granted every day. Every year I would go to school with a fresh backpack filled with supplies but that's not something a lot of kids can depend on and it's really important for me to see that I can do that for some kids."

'Simon Says Give' will deliver around 500 total backpacks this summer to elementary schools throughout the city.

Eber says the backpack supplies are paid for through fundraising and grants.