Three Central Massachusetts schools are joining forces to create new opportunities for their students. The Alliance For Independent Catholic Schools will include Notre Dame Academy (Worcester), Saint John's High School and Venerini Academy. The schools say it will provide a way to formalize a partnership they've had throughout the years. It will include providing transportation between the three schools, sharing professional development, and giving students shared access to resources and facilities. All three schools will operate independently but say the alliance will strengthen educational opportunities.

Ray Dewar, Prinicipal of Venerini Academy, "It give a sense of Pre-K all the way through 12 there is a consistent level of expectation. There's a sense of if you follow this program and meet these expectations this is what's possible for you in terms of where you end."

Lisa Mancini Head of School at Notre Dame Academy adds, "Although the classrooms will be separate there are so many opportunities to think of extra-curricular activities just to enhance what both schools offer, whether that's a math team or a model UN or slam poetry, the theater things like that. There are other opportunities we can all learn from each other."

Saint John's Headmaster Alex Zequeria says, "What we are announcing today is not something that is going to be static. It is going to be dynamic. We're excited that all three schools on a regular basis are going to be sitting at the same table having these types of conversations and seeing how we can enhance the collaborations that already exist and then create even more exciting opportunities for all of our students and all of our families."

A steering committee made up of three representatives from each school as well as a Clark University professor will oversee the alliance.