WORCESTER - The City of Worcester launched the "Worcester Face Mask Challenge" earlier this week.

The creator of the challenge, Jamie Sullivan, interned in Mayor Joe Petty's office in high school and asked the mayor if he could kick off the challenge.

Sullivan says he and his family were surprised people weren't wearing masks and wanted to make a fun way for people to get involved.

The goal is to take a selfie in a mask, post the picture and tag friends to participate, and then donate to the Worcester Together COVID-19 Relief Fund.

“How important it is to wear a mask and we’re not just doing it for ourselves," Sullivan said. "You do it to protect the people around you which is one of the pieces of awareness were trying to raise through this challenge is that it's not hard task to wear a mask. We're doing this to protect the community and people around us."

To donate to the Worcester Together Fund, text "WorcesterCovid19" to 243725


Photo Courtesy: Mayor Joe Petty (left) with Jamie Sullivan/Facebook