STURBRIDGE - For people with development disabilities - the stay at home advisory can be a confusing time.

At Venture Community Services in Sturbridge, care takers are making sure they are as comfortable as possible.

Venture homes are essentially sheltering in place with staff and clients in an effort minimize the exposure risk to the individuals they support.

CEO Mike Hyland says they are treating their homes like the day programs they go to to keep their daily routines.

Hyland said, “We were lucky in that we had a large number of day program staff that deployed to the home so we were able to replicate as much as possible the day time routine that usually happens in the day program now in the home where the individuals live. So restoring that structure has been important to help people understand that things are still working the way they are supposed to, it’s in a different room that were doing it in but it’s a safe place"

Venture has 44 residential homes across the state.