WORCESTER - All Massachusetts public schools are now working virtually for at least the next month and some are turning to the online school TEC Connections Academy Commonwealth Virtual School [TECCAfor advice.

It's the state's largest K-12 online public school and has been around since 2015.

Interim Superintendent Patrick Lattuca says parents and teachers have to remind themselves this is not normal and figure out a way which works best for them.

Lattuca said, "The district has to do an analysis of the technological structure to determine what kind of experience they're able to provide. If they're able to provide a synchronous experience, meaning they do teaching live with students, they have to make sure it’s a secure system. But they should also have asynchronous activities that students can participate in like projects, homework, in integrated units"

TECCA had 220 students when it started and now has more than 2,300.