Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick suspends his presidential campaign roughly three months after getting started.

Patrick, "This time is about the character of the country." The Democrat finished ninth in the New Hampshire Primary, getting less than one percent of the vote. Patrick's former Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray says joining the race in November played a role in his low numbers.

Murray, "People had made up their minds, others were undecided. I think for any of the candidates who were not able to get on the debate stage, it was a challenge there as well. Look, Governor Patrick said from the beginning this was a Hail Mary."

The former Massachusetts Governor says in a statement: "...the vote in New Hampshire last night was not enough for us to create the practical wind and the campaign's back to go on to the next round of voting."

Murray added, "They deserve enormous credit for putting themselves, their ideas on the line with significant amounts of sacrifice personally and on your family."

News of Patrick suspending his campaign doesn't come as a surprise to Worcester State University political science professor Nathan Angelo. "I think his main approach was to try to find a way to appeal to Northeastern folks in New Hampshire," Angelo said. "And when he failed to do that, he probably didn't see a path forward."

Angelo says with so many Democratic candidates, he believes Patrick didn't have a clear path in the election. "He was vying for that more centrist positioning, but didn't have a good angle on it."

Patrick says his work isn't finished. Posting on Twitter "Doing what's right and fighting for justice are my life's work. That work doesn't end here because it didn't start here."

"I think he adds to the civic conversation whether he runs or not," Murray added. "And that's not a good thing as we try to build consensus and find things that we can work on."

Deval Patrick wasn't the only on suspending his campaign after the New Hampshire Primary. Senator Michael Bennet and entrepreneur Andrew Yang did the same.