The Worcester Railers are getting kids on the ice through their Skate To Success Program.

Tuesday, Worcester Public School students suited up in jerseys and helmets and laced up their skates. Every Tuesday fourth graders are brought to the Fidelity Bank Worcester Ice Center. They learn how to skate with instruction from the Worcester Railers players.

Worcester Railers player Ross Olsson, "It's a blast not just for them but for us. We get to see kids skating for the first time on the ice. It makes their day. Most of them are on crates now but our goal is to have them off the crates or the cones and have them skating by themselves."

Fallon Health has partnered with the Railers since the program began three years ago. Fallon Health President and CEO Richard Burke says it gives all students access to a healthy activity and follows their mission to make communities healthy. "Everyone has to skate for the first time and many of these youngsters here today haven't skated before. Skating, figure skating, hockey it's a big thing in the Northeast. I think it's great to give them that opportunity and maybe some of them will catch the bug and want to keep skating after that."

Skate For Success runs from September through late March.