HAMPDEN - The Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association is speaking out about comments Senator Elizabeth Warren has made on the Criminal Justice system. 

Hampden Police Chief Jeff Farnsworth is the Association’s president and says the comments date back to 2018, when Senator Warren said the system is racist from front to back. 

"Comments like that made by one of the elected official breaks down the relationships that we have built,” said Farnsworth. 

He also says they reached out to the Senator's office with concerns in 2019 when Warren tweeted five years ago that Michael Brown was murdered by a white police officer in Ferguson. 

"It's a statement that was proven completely false. The DOJ [Department of Justice] exonerated him. The courts exonerated him. It was definitely not murder,” said Farnsworth. “But the Senator chose to use that language again."

Former presidents of the Association, Steven Wojnar and Russell Stevens have reached out to Senator Warren and even signed the most recent letter sent to her office. The Chiefs say they just want to have a discussion, but have not gotten any response over the past three years. 

"She's our Senator from Massachusetts. She still represents us, represents Massachusetts,” said Farnsworth. “You know,policing in Massachusetts, we do a pretty good job at it."

Spectrum News 1 also reached out multiple times to Senator Warren's office for for a comment, but have not received a response as of Wednesday evening, Feb. 5.