ADAMS - If you're looking for something to get you out of the house this winter, a new store in Adams offers a place for kids and kids at hear to build.

Erin Laundry and her husband, Shane, opened Bottomless Bricks in Adams two months ago as a way to put their love for Legos to good use. 

“We started out doing parties for friends and families, and a lot of the feedback we got was that we needed our own location. So, we started looking for a location this summer and we found it here on Park St. in Adams," said Erin Laundry.

The store features a brick bin with more than 100 pounds of Legos, a racing station to build cars and mini-figure factory. 

Visitors can choose to build on their own or from one of dozens of sets. Laundry says it's the perfect activity to keep kids busy during the winter. 

Erin Laundry said, "Not everyone skis and plays hockey, so this is kind of a nice. indoor thing they can do. And you don’t have to clean up all the Legos afterward, we take care of that.”

The fun isn't just for kids. Laundry says adults are welcome to come into the store any time and build to their heart's content. The store is going to start offering evening programs on Thursday nights in January, including some catered to adults specifically. 

“We’ve actually had quite a few adults come in who are Lego fans and are looking for a way to participate. So we’re going to have a designated night for adult fans of Legos. We’re calling it “Brick and Brew” and they can bring a beer with them if they want. it’s a 21-plus event," Erin Laundry said. .

No matter the age of the customer, Laundry said the new business has been well received by the community. 

“It’s actually been really great. It’s been so wonderful to see people’s enthusiasm, not only to have a new business on Park St. in Adams, but to have something for kids to do," Erin Laundry said.